Equipped with a chute, head gate, and cow tub in clinic, we are able to perform numerous surgeries for our bovine clients. Caesarean sections, displaced abomasums, abscess/wound treatment, claw amputation, exploratory, rumenotomy, and eye enucleations are just some of the surgeries we are equipped to do! Feel free to give us a call and inquire about a particular surgery if you do not see it mentioned here.


Cow/Heifer: Pregnancy examinations and uterine evaluations are common services performed by our practice. These services help to detect any abnormalities present and aid in maintaining a healthy and productive herd.

Bull: Breeding Soundness exams are done on bulls to determine their semen quality in regards to motility, density, and quality. We assess the sperm for any major defects that would decrease conception rates within the herd as well as evaluate the reproductive system and assess the bull for any physical conditions that may hinder his breeding capabilities.

Hoof Care

Being one of the few clinics in the area that has a hydraulic tilt table, we are able to lift the cattle off their feet and tilt them sideways so we can fully examine their hooves. We are fully equipped to perform hoof trimming and correct common abnormalities like bruising of the sole, abscesses, and deformed hooves.

Herd Health

A healthy and productive herd is our goal for our clients. We strive to help you maximize productivity by tailoring individual protocols for each individual herd. Aspects like parasite control, vaccination programs, biosecurity, and reproductive evaluations are just a few ways we can help make your herd as efficient and productive as possible while keeping the economic and financial aspects of treatment in mind.

After Hours Service

Emergencies and unexpected illness or accidents occur when you least expect them to. We understand this and provide after-hours emergency services for all of our clients. Please do not hesitate to call 306-728-4456 if there is an emergency and veterinary medical assistance is needed.