Originally working out of his home, Dr. Joe Vandane was the first veterinarian in the Melville area. A mixed practitioner, Dr. Vandane worked on all animals and in 1974, he and the Rm’s of Cana, Stanley, and Grayson opened what is now the Melville Veterinary Clinic at 202 Heritage Drive in Melville, Saskatchewan. Dr. Vandane worked until 1975 at which time he retired and Dr. Paul Anderson took over the clinic. Dr. Anderson worked for a year in Melville when tragedy struck the following year and he passed away suddenly due to a car accident. Dr. Dale Cochrane was a good friend and classmate of Dr. Anderson and decided to make the move from the clinic in Preeceville, Saskatchewan to continue on what Dr. Anderson had intended to build; a successful veterinary practice.

Dr. Cochrane and his wife Nora Cochrane, who is also a Registered Animal Health Technician, moved to Melville in 1976 to begin a journey that has led to a successful business and flourishing veterinary practice. Together they have built a clinic that prides itself on giving their clients the best animal health care there is to offer and being reliable in times of need. In 2006 the Board of RM’s funded a large addition to the building that allowed the Melville Veterinary Clinic to better serve their small animal clients. A private surgery suite, preparation room, laundry facilities, and in house gas anesthesia system was put in place that allowed Nora and Dr. Cochrane to expand the services they were able to offer their clients.

Today, a clinic with over 40 years of history is still present and busy as ever! Serving clients from all walks of life, the Melville Veterinary Clinic welcomes you to stop by and see what we are all about. Passionate staff, exceptional service, and dedication to practicing the highest level of medicine possible is what you will find, but come and see for yourself! We look forward to meeting you and your dog, cat, cow, or whatever it may be!